Stem Cell Therapy

For many patients with debilitating joint and spine pain due to various pathologies, treatment options are limited: physical therapy, steroid injections, joint replacement surgery, spine surgery, etc. Dr. Tomi Prvulovic offers new cutting-edge treatment options such as stem cell therapies that successfully treat patients with degenerative disc disease of the spine and other various spine pathologies as well as joint pain, arthritis/osteoarthritis, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff tendinitis and various other areas affected with tendinitis and bursitis. Dr. Prvulovic has also successfully treated using stem cells various forms of sports injuries in numerous athletes.

Stem cell treatment takes advantage of the body’s ability to repair itself. These stem cells have anti-inflammatory properties similar to steroid injections; however, stem cell therapy goes far beyond the benefits of standard “injection therapy”. While cortisone and other drugs only provide temporary pain relief, stem cells actually restore degenerated tissue while providing pain relief. The growth factors in stem cells may replace damaged cells in the body.

Dr. Prvulovic has many years of experience with excellent success rates using stem cell therapy. His treatments have saved many patients from drastically invasive spine surgeries (spine fusion and others), as well as joint replacements. His patient satisfaction rate is excellent.