Patient Testimonials

Dr. Prvulovic is thankful for all of the people he has been able to treat over the years. HealthSpine is focused on the patient and we look forward to helping you in any way we can. Please contact us to speak with a patient coordinator.


“I recently had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Prvulovic. I have been treated by numerous physicians for a chronic condition, but Dr. Prvulovic was able to quickly identify the underlying condition and treat the issue effectively. Both he and his staff were professional in every way. I would highly recommend Dr. Prvulovic to everyone.” – Helen H.

” Dr. Prvulovic and his office staff make coming to a doctor visit as pleasant as possible. i always feel cared for and heard. I’m never rushed and all of my questions get answered. The doctor and his staff are very knowledgeable and professional. I recommend this group to anyone.” – Barbara R.

“I had been having pain in my legs for a year.  When I first went to Dr. Prvulovic, he gave me pain patches and creams to help.  When the pain wasn’t getting any better, he said I needed injections to help.  It has been better and Dr. Prvulovic was helpful and his staff was also very nice.”  –  Carol A.

“Dr. Prvulovic is an excellent doctor!  When I first came to see him, I was at my wits’ end–my back was so bad, I didn’t know what to do or where to turn.  Dr. Prvulovic took his time to explain to me what he can do for me, to help ease my back problem.  He recommended repairing my disc, and explained to me what I can expect after surgery.  The results of my surgery are better than I ever could imagine–no more pain plus I was back at work within ten days after surgery!!  Dr. Prvulovic is a noble and humble individual who truly cares about his patients.  All doctors should follow his example when treating patients.”  –  Louis M.

“I first came to Dr. Prvulovic in 2004 for chronic pain management.  Since that time, I have developed a trusting and highly respected opinion of Dr. P.  He is extremely compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and above all else, highly skilled in his profession.  I recommend Dr. P to anyone in search of pain management options and solutions.”  –  Lisa O’B.

“Dr. Prvulovic has been nothing but professional and caring, along with June.  I’ve had a long battle with this injury, and they both have been there for me from the beginning, especially dealing with the insurance company and several late night calls.  I highly recommend Dr. P. to anyone who is suffering in pain.  He and June have made dealing with my injury a little easier.”  –  Paul T.

“I came to Dr. Tomi after a car accident damaged vertebrae in my neck.  I have long-suffered with lower back pain as well.  I have a stimulator placed in 2009 for my neck injuries.  I must be honest and say my pain decreased and the stimulator did seem to prevent or stop my pain.  I decided to have another stimulator placed for my lower back in 2012.  So far I must say all seems to be doing well.”  –  Illeana U.


“Dr. Tomi has helped me control my severe back pain due to spinal stenosis, sciatica and bulging discs. This gives me the ability to be more active in my retirement years. Dr. Tomi has offered me many options to help improve my mobility and decrease my pain, all have been successful.” – Gabe V.

” In my opinion, Dr. Prvulovic is a master in his skills and I feel privileged to have been lucky enough to have been one of his patients. His personality, comforting words and caring manner add much to any patients feeling.” – Catherine S.

“My experience with Dr. Prvulovic is he is great and knows what he is doing. I wouldn’t go to another doctor and I trust Dr. P. He is the best. I trust him with my life and would refer him to anybody and everybody.” Sharon P.

“Great doctor, great staff. Dr. Prvulovic listens when you talk about your pain. He gets to the root of the problem. Very easy to talk to, great surgeon also. Glad I found him!” – JoAnn S.

Dr. Prvulovic is a great doctor. He really cares about his patients. He answers all of your questions. Since 1999 I have suffered from back pain from a line of duty injury. Since the surgery I have been free from pain. I can sit, stand and walk without having to rest. Every night since my surgery June would call to make sure that I was ok. I feel better than I ever felt.” – Rosemary R.


“Dr. Tomi treats his patients like family, making you feel comfortable and that you’re in knowledgeable, qualified hands. It is evident that he is an expert in his field, but he is able and willing to explain diagnoses and procedures to his patients. Even his office staff are a pleasure to deal with and they are as competent and friendly as he is. Thank you!” – Joseph N.