Insurance Information

We appreciate your interest in HealthSpine. We are committed to working with you as our philosophy is to help people with their pain. We will do our best to accommodate every patient. Please contact us to speak with a patient coordinator.

Private Insurances

We accept all insurance plans with out of network benefits. We want to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses so we will work directly with your insurance provider. We will submit claims directly to your insurance company as a courtesy to our patients. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any HMO, EPO or Medicaid plans since we do not participate in these types of plans at this time and they do not offer out of network benefits.

Worker’s Compensation/No-Fault Insurance

We handle worker’s compensation cases as well as Personal Injury Protection/No-Fault insurance claims. Please speak with your treating doctor or claims examiner/adjuster about making an appointment with us to see if we can help you. For Personal Injury Protection/No-Fault claims, we will directly with your insurance carrier or referring provider on developing a treatment plan. Please contact us to talk to one of our patient coordinators for more information.